Branding, Planning & Strategy

Target audiences, media choices, style and voice – the decisions for just these elements alone can be overwhelming, much less for developing your brand or creating a full strategy and marketing plan.

JB Communications can lead you and your team through the process, starting with the research and leading all the way through implementation and adoption. Let’s take a look at what you’ve tried before, what’s worked, what hasn’t. I also want to learn about your culture, both behind the scenes and what your customers see. This will help the marketing reflect the true personality or brand, leading to a more authentic customer/member experience. Those authentic experiences lead to some pretty awesome loyal brand ambassadors, that’s for sure!

Let’s also take a look at your competitors, the industry as a whole as well as the economic environment to make sure everyone understands the context. Marketing doesn’t happen in a vacuum – your strategy works best when it relates well to the world outside.

The data we’ll study will also include your target audience, demographics, what your best customer(s) look and act like, plus much more! Then we’ll review your goals and start working together to map out a plan. Let’s put effective marketing and advertising in place to help you reach those goals!

Along the way we’ll map out a marketing & advertising plan. I like to think of marketing plans as a good starting point, but not as a set-in-stone map. Marketing and advertising works best when it is flexible. Flexible to the constant change of the economy, to shifts in your industry, as well as other unforeseen impacts. Flexible with tactics, but always checking against the overall strategy and branding.

The branding, planning & strategy process doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Many times, just in our getting-to-know-you conversations, I am able to get our clients on the right path to a great strategy. I strive to keep the process comfortable and low key while developing a solid foundation for your marketing efforts.

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