Creative Direction

When your projects, and maybe even your staff, could use some guidance to gain impact creative direction is a solid path forward.

From concepts to implementation, I’ll lead your projects towards clear & concise visuals & voice which will be compelling & consistent across various platforms & uses.


  • Compelling concepts adaptable to your needs
  • Resource for in-house teams to boost & refine creativity, design & writing
  • Cohesive execution of branding & messaging

Use it for

  • Increasing awareness
  • Launching an ad campaign
  • Refining brand for investors
  • Promoting a product or service over time & various media
Showing Ad in magazine
framed 3 different posters from same concept
billboard art
art used on website

This campaign for Progress Bank is a great example of how clients benefit from creative direction. Together with several Progress Bank staffers and an amazing video house, we all collaborated at the beginning of the project. The selected design & message was one I created, then adapted for use across many types of media, including initial scripting for TV & radio. 

I also created templates for internal staff to use, coaching them to refine their iterations when the initial design was unintentionally altered. 

This client was able to spend more time on other responsibilities knowing their campaign was well directed throughout all creative aspects. 

Are you ready to gain more time and reduce your stress? Let’s talk about your situation. Creative direction could very well benefit you and your organization. 


  • Awareness: generate interest in the bank and its core products & services
  • On brand: reflect the bank’s sophisticated style
  • Diversity: appeal to a wide range of ethnicities
  • Flexibility:  accommodate four different products & services as well as a wide range of media formats


  • Television 
  • Radio
  • Magazines
  • Digital ads
  • Billboards
  • In-branch posters