JB Communications Group is a long name for a short person.

Jackie Brown Headshot

Strengths (from Gallup)

  • Positivity
  • Learner
  • Connectedness
  • Maximizer
  • Arranger


  • Quickly assessing situations
  • Finding connections in seemingly disparate elements
  • Creating confidence in others through collaboration and counsel
  • Building talented teams
  • Identifying the best solutions for appropriate budgets

Stress Relievers

  • Learning! Whether it’s golf, horsemanship, gardening, marketing, business strategies – give me a new nugget, a new technique and I’m all in!
  • Exploring this big, wide, beautiful world.
  • Heck, just sitting on the deck on a pretty day with a cold one watching my horse graze.

In Service

  • The Arc of Madison County board member, serving those with intellectual disabilities
  • Previous board positions include:
    • Habitat For Humanity (local affiliate)
    • American Advertising Federation (local chapter)
  • Quarterly pro bono projects for local non-profits

Hi, I'm Jackie Brown...

 …the “JB” in “JB Communications Group.” I’m the core of this creative group, the one you’ll be working with.

I call this a group as I often bring in creative and strategic collaborators, based on the needs of each client and project.

In my 15 years as a financial marketer, I’ve built (and continue to do so) a network of amazing vendors and experts. This valuable resource is ready to serve you and your organization!

Most of my clients have a background on the data side of marketing or they came up through the branch operations ranks. They understand a great deal about marketing, advertising, and their own organization, but often get frustrated coming up with ideas for campaigns and then executing them, along with all of the other tasks and projects on their plate.

In working with me, they find a renewed confidence in their plans and promotions. They find relief as projects move smoothly, deadlines are met, and the creative delivers meaningful impact.

I keep my client list small in order to provide a high level of service. You will not be just another invoice number. It’s my intention for you to feel supported and encouraged as we create custom communications to grow your organization.


Wow! 25+ years! It’s crazy to think I’ve been in the creative field that long. No matter how the tools change or what the latest social network is, having solid theories, data-driven strategies, and core creative talents are always on-trend!

From working on CD cover art at Sony Music in Nashville, to starting an in-house creative agency at one of the nation’s top 30 credit unions, I’ve worked with some amazing people and on some killer projects. Graphic design has been my core skill through these 25 years, and along the way I’ve also become skilled at copy & script writing, project planning and management, and have found my sweet spot in positioning. Helping credit unions and banks discover, refine, and promote their unique market position is so fulfilling! To see the ACT framework I’ve developed to gain that differentiation, check out JBcollaborates.com

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