Tips for Being Authentic, Consistent, and Transparent

So glad to see you here! It means you’re ready to build up a trusted brand by being 

Authentic, Consistent & Transparent

These important brand-building strategies and activities build trust in your audience, lead to differentiation, and help your organization grow.

This PDF outlines the A-C-T framework. Use it as the starting point for conversations, research, and real growth.

If you’d like to talk through any of these, just give me a ring at 256-714-6596 or send along an email to

Jackie Brown

Jackie Brown

Collaborating with credit unions to capture their distinct market position! 15 years in the credit union industry, half of those working in-house at one of the nation’s top 30, the other half as a consultant. 25 years in the creative industry and ready to help you move your credit to ACT!