Small Businesses

Our small business clients enjoy the broad range of advertising and marketing experience we bring to their team. We use that experience to research & analyze the business & product, competitors, target audiences, and budgets to develop, then implement an advertising and marketing plan.

By having a plan in place, owners are then free to concentrate on their core business. This also gives them solid responses to pushy, aggressive media sales reps, freeing up the time those sales calls can take up.

While our small business clients understand the importance of spending money to make money, we understand that every dollar needs to work towards the goal of creating awareness and ultimately increasing sales. By having experience with a wide range of advertising avenues, we are able to recommend those which can bring the best bang for the buck.

Through our designs, we’ve also taken our small business clients to a more polished level of communications. It can be easy for a busy owner to lose track of the integrity of their branding, their designs, especially if they’ve used the “free” design services provided by printers and publications. But those free services have a cost. When audiences see different colors, fonts and images used for one company, they are hesitant to trust that brand. Take a look at this project to see how we updated some of those free ads to something a bit more professional.

Are you tired of dealing with those pushy sales reps? Want to make the most of your advertising budget? Give us a call at 256-714-6596 and together we’ll get your business positioned to grow.