When you just can’t find the words, when you are tired of looking at the flashing cursor on a blank screen, when you just don’t have the time to write or just flat out don’t want to, JB Communications Group can help you get over that hump. From rewriting notification letters, to finding the voice for your annual report message, to creating advertising copy, I can get your next project going with a straightforward approach.

Research is a key element to my process. I will gather all of the meaningful materials and learn your credit union or community bank and your best customers so the right words will resonate with the right people. You will have plenty of opportunities to edit, refine and massage the message; becoming as involved as you’d like to be (or not).

Here are a few case studies showing how I’ve worked with clients to refine their message.

5 reasons why you should rename your accounts and loans

Looking to see growth in your financial products? Want to build some momentum in product usage? Need ideas to promote accounts and loans? Think about what you call them, think about how your target audience perceives them and you might just breakthrough a flat or...

Credit Union of Georgia Annual Report Case Study

The Challenge: The Credit Union of Georgia is like most small- to mid-sized credit unions: one or two Marketing staffers to handle a huge amount of work. As their Annual Meeting date got closer, they were having a tough time getting the copy going for their Annual...

The Hidden Branding of Notification Letters

We often think about credit union branding as the sexy and exciting part of marketing and advertising: logos, corporate culture, retail environments, colors, advertising design and so on. Have you thought about the impact your credit union's notification letters have...