The Challenge

Army Aviation Center Federal Credit Union, with assets over $1.2 billion, was looking for a way to differentiate themselves from the crowded financial services sector. They had been using stock photos of happy people in their advertising, which most banks and credit unions do.

The advertising also needed to appeal to a general demographic, but especially to those on the younger side of the age spectrum, say early twenties to mid-forties. AACFCU also needed the design style to be very adaptable to many media, sizes, formats and be easily produced from low-quality publications to high-end magazines.

The Outcome

JB Communications Group worked together with AACFCU to develop a design style which is based on illustrations and typography. This style feels modern, yet has a slight retro feel to it as well, so it seems familiar and comfortable. By using typography and copy as the main design elements, it is natural to put promotional rates in the spotlight of the ads. In the photography-based advertisements, it was more difficult to integrate special loan rates within the designs. They flexibility of the design style allows for plenty of creativity in each month’s layout while using a set of primary fonts helps to keep these layouts consistent. That consistency is key for AACFCU’s brand awareness.