Some days it just seems impossible to engage your employees – I don’t know, maybe Mondays for instance? But what if you could get them more engaged AND boost your company’s brand at the same time? Yes, it can be done.

There are all sorts of surveys and studies showing the benefits of engaged employees (Gallup has been doing them for years and is a good one if you want a primer). So we know they should be engaged, but how do we get there? I invite you to make them brand ambassadors. Have them live and breath your marketing message in every customer connection. Hire those who intrinsically embody your corporate values. Instill pride in consistent use of the right logos, colors and other marketing assets. Provide them with simple authentic messages and watch your brand grow stronger and deeper.

This philosophy is especially important for consumer-based businesses. When I was a marketing manager at one of the largest credit unions in the country, I would encourage each new employee to consider themselves a member of the marketing department. The experiences the credit union front line staff created with each member had such an impact on the brand. And these employees loved thinking they were somehow connected to one of the hippest departments in the organization, to feel like they could make a difference in the success of the credit union just by following a few guidelines.

Here are some specific tips to get your employees engaged and advocating your brand:

  • Have a clear, authentic brand message – one easy to remember and share
  • Work with the Human Resources Department to identify desired traits and attitudes for new employees
  • Create and implement a corporate style guide which includes the standard logo, font, color and email signature guidelines as well as cultural personality guidelines
  • Encourage consistency not conformity. If you’ve hired the right people, letting them be themselves, be authentic, will do wonders for making your brand feel human instead of corporate (conformist) and will help your employees feel engaged, like they matter, instead of feeling oppressed by¬†too many rules.

So before you spend money on your next media buy, give some attention to your employees. They will enjoy a stronger connection to your company and are a a great way to spread the message of your brand.

And remember, if you need assistance with any of these tips such as refining your brand message or developing a corporate style guide, call us 256-714-6596 or shoot over an email!