Does this sound familiar?

Your CEO asks for a marketing plan then changes it on a whim.

Your board of directors wants membership/product growth but doesn’t give you the resources.

Department heads are constantly requesting your marketing resources for their pet projects.

You can’t seem to think up any more ideas for your next big promotion, heck even your next social post.

There’s more member data than you know what to do with or how.

Everyone else seems to be doing it faster, better, more effective.

If you are going through any of these scenarios, let’s chat! I’ve been where you are and can lead you to a brighter place.

Take advantage of my experience of being deep inside a multi-billion dollar credit union. Lean on the strategies tested with the clients I’ve helped since then, those who are competing well against larger financial institutions.

Transform your marketing

I start with listening. Let’s walk through your situation, tell me about your credit union or community bank. Point me in the direction of your competitors and I’ll learn your marketplace. 

Uncovering the data will lead us to the best strategy for your goals. Then I can create a tactical plan to meet them. I can also help you implement that plan. Whether it’s creating content, overseeing an on-boarding email system, developing advertising campaigns or other marketing strategies.

Use my experience in creating and managing design, writing, media buying, digital, print, data analysis, and even vendors to help you make more informed decisions.

If you’d like to learn more about how I approach these different areas, explore the topics below.