Custom Creative For Your Credit Union or Community Bank

You have so many plates spinning at the same time, hand off your creative to someone who gets the financial space.

  • No need to explain disclosures or trigger terms
  • You’ll have a vendor who understands why ‘member’ is not the same as ‘customer’
  • Get designs, copy, scripts created just for your organization – no canned campaigns!
  • 15 years! Eight at a top 30 credit union. Seven as a consultant. See additional info here.

Whether you need an annual report, creative to promote a product, or even core conversion communications, know the process begins with listening to your specific needs and learning about your unique culture.

Each financial institution brings something special to their account holders. Let’s make sure your advertising, marketing, and corporate communications reflect it!

Could you use some help defining your ‘something special’? Take a look at the ACT framework at, the strategy side of JB Communications Group.

Are you ready for custom creative? Take a look at our essential packages and some case studies to help you get inspired!

Packaged Essentials


For promoting specific products or services, on your internal media channel or external. You’ll receive a set number of custom  initial designs, a set number of revisions, and then a set number of final files sized to the specs you provide. All for a set price!

Annual Reports

For communicating to members/shareholders the financial records, as required by regulations. Custom design and copy, including those pesky letters from leadership! Set pricing includes  design, formatting  financials, and writing copy.

TV/Radio Concepts & Scripting

This package includes developing concepts and writing scripts. Several initial ideas are presented, with several rounds of revisions included. Video/audio production services can also be sourced as needed.

Corporate Communications

The most versatile package! Includes design & copywriting concepts covering the message you need to deliver, which can then be implemented across whatever media you choose. Examples include training, core conversion, onboarding, or business development.

Case Studies

Guardian Case Study Image

A set of television commercials adapted during a pandemic

Progress Bank Art Collage

Comprehensive year-long campaign promoting many products & services over various media channels

CUofGA recent ads

Product & service promotions for many years running