So you’re thinking about sending work out. Your marketing group just doesn’t have the time or maybe the talents needed to get the work done. Or maybe you’re already working with a hired gun. Here are a few tips for making that relationship more effective.

Research the agency or freelancer

If you haven’t hired one yet, take a minute to make sure they’re a good fit. Do they have expertise in your industry? Here at JBCG we specialize in financial marketing, working with credit unions and community banks. We know others who specialize in the real estate or entertainment industries. Ask to see recent work that is similar to your needs. Sometimes their online portfolio might not be current. Talk to another client to find out if they are easy to work with and meet deadlines.

Single point of contact (with back-ups)

Designate one person on your team as the main point of contact, but have another person or two involved in the communications in case the main POC isn’t available. Just make it clear who the main go-to is so the freelancer or agency is emailing and calling the person who can facilitate internal approvals and knows the project parameters.

Open communication

Having a main point of contact established will help to keep communication more consistent. Also make sure you have open and clear communication. Say what you mean. Especially as marketing, advertising and graphic design can be very objective,  use specific examples and descriptions to get your point made. “I don’t like it, but I don’t know what I want” or  “I’ll know it when I see it” are the quickest ways to drag out a project, increase costs and frustrate everyone involved.

Clear expectations

Start off on the right foot by letting your hired guns know exactly what is needed from them. They want to make your job easier and help your company grow, but they can only do so if you let them know your needs. And that often means going beyond the size of the advertisement or the preferred colors in a logo to a more political or cultural need. Is your department scrutinized for not being on-trend? Does your president have a flair or a disdain for marketing? Do regulations throttle your internal processes?  Nuances like these can help your off-site team members understand your working environment and what’s really important to you.

Follow these tips and you’ll soon find projects running more smoothly, the stress level decreasing and your marketing and advertising more effective!

Next up we’ll discuss what you can expect from your agency or freelancers.