It’s tough for small businesses. You’ve got tight budgets, a million things to do and no time to do them, so I understand how some marketing efforts could get overlooked. But these days having a dynamic website should be the key element in every small business’ toolkit. Here are the top reasons why your small business needs one:

The internet is the new business directory

When’s the last time you used that book with those yellow pages to look up a business? Has it been a while? What source do you use to find a service or look up a product? Yep, the internet. And your customers and potential customers are doing the same thing. Having a website for your business is the foundation to getting in front of those people. And if you are a local retail shop or restaurant, your new website will make it easier for people to find you once you sync up with Google Places and such.

Did you know more than 80% Americans 18-64 have a smartphone (report from Pew Research).  Then factor in that 67% are more apt to buy from a mobile-friendly website (see info) and you have the must-have feature for every website – being mobile-ready.  Get your company a website and make sure it is easily accessed by mobile devices.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes – they’re out running errands and discover their favorite party supply store just closed. They whip out their smartphone to look up another party supply store in the area. How likely are they to find your shop, Peggy’s Party Place, if you don’t have a website, if you aren’t registered with Google Places, if your site isn’t easily read-able on a smartphone?

Reduce basic information phone calls

Now that your customers and potential customers can find you on the world wide web, think about what kind of information people are seeking when they call you. Put that information prominently on the website and watch your staff get more productive! If you are a retailer, make sure your store hours are in a prominent location. If you are a restaurant, your menu and location will be key. A florist could put seasonal flowers in a large image on the home page for instance. Let your website work for you and reduce calls. Clever use of website design will point those looking for basic information to your promotions and other ways to upsell your customers.

Build your own community

Having a website gives your customers a place to connect with you and others who also enjoy your products or services. Most consumers really enjoy helping small businesses grow, especially if you have something awesome to offer (and you wouldn’t be in business if you didn’t!). Give them tips, behind-the-scenes action, discounts or other tidbits on your website so they can share your awesomeness with their friends. Your site can have an area for you to write up little mini-articles or tips, maybe your home page has rotating images featuring different discounts. Maybe you feature an area where your customers can write up reviews or testimonials. This is also a good spot to work in social media accounts you might have such as Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. Your website can ‘feed’ in the postings you make.

Everyone is so connected now, it just makes sense to for your business to start building a presence out in the digital space. You can’t afford not to have a website any more.

Not sure how to get started? Give us a call and we can recommend some options for you based on your budget and timeline.

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