Most of our clients shoulder all of the marketing and advertising responsibilities for their credit union, bank or business. And they so do by themselves or with just one or two staffers. It can be a frustrating and often a lonely effort to champion consistent marketing efforts. They hear well-meaning, but often misguided ‘marketing ideas’ from colleagues, are often inundated with endless requests for lower level marketing support, all while striving to implement data-driven strategies. Are you one of these marketeers who work so hard to keep their head above water?

Jackie knows what it’s like. With eight years as Creative Services Manager at Redstone Federal Credit Union and many other years working in-house at other companies, Jackie understands the pressures and politics of working inside the ropes. Combine that experience with Jackie’s natural and practiced ability to listen carefully and you’ll get a coach who can jump in and help right away.

Insight and inspiration are just a phone call or email away.

Sessions can be as simple as providing analysis of items you are having to create. Maybe you’d like a second opinion on a report to the board of directors you’ve written. Or you need some assistance with hiring a marketing coordinator or sorting through a photographer’s set of proofs. Coaching can simply be getting a second opinion to help refine your position.

Coaching can also be a more structured process to help you gain marketing and advertising confidence through skill development, strategic guidance and good old-fashioned motivation.

Jackie is ready to light a fire under you. Are you ready?