Advertising Design

Advertising takes many forms, from tiny postage stamp online ads to 30-foot billboards and beyond. Your message has to be clear, concise and consistent across all of those different forms. Doing so will help your brand become the preferred solution for your target audience. Here at JB Communications Group, we take the time to understand your story, your target audience and your industry. Then we create a message and design which can be read and remembered whether it is on a website, a branch poster or a magazine.

Finding it tough to manage all of the many sizes and formats your ad needs to be? We tackle huge campaigns like a pro linebacker seeking out a rookie quarterback. Say for instance, a campaign with five core messages which each were placed in more than 20 locations, for something like 100 individual ads? Our management tools will help you track each piece, its edits and approvals, making your goals even easier to reach.

Take a look below at some of our work.

No Designer? No Problem! pattern

Looking to add some pizazz to your marketing and advertising materials? Learn how patterns can do just that while guiding your viewer to your message.

No Designer? No Problem! Visual Hierarchy

So you’re working on a new design. You’ve got a grid down, right? (take a look at our grid article if you need a refresher) The next step is to get the elements in a visual hierarchy. And while those might be some fancy words, the phrase really just means making it...

No Designer? No Problem!

In listening to our readers and our clients, it’s clear there’s a whole group of people who may not have a design background, but need to create quality graphics. So we’re launching a series to help those who aren’t designers learn how to design, like a DIY Design...