Advertising Design Case Study

Decorative Concrete TV Spot Update

The Challenge

Decorative Concrete is a small business located in Huntsville, Alabama. Having been in business for more than 15 years, they know how important advertising is to their continued success, but their advertising elements were getting stale. Decorative Concrete hired JB Communications Group to update their website and the relationship has grown into ongoing advertising and marketing support.

The Outcome

As with most small businesses, advertising funds are limited, so JBCG has been working on design updates a little at a time. Early in 2015, we were able to give their television commercials a low-cost, but high-impact, face lift. Both the old and new commercials use photos taken at Decorative Concrete projects and a local cable outlet’s production department handled the voice over and final editing. To draw more attention to the photos, JBCG selected a few choice images. You know that whole “Less is more”thing? It’s true! We also provided a more streamlined and modern treatment of the contact information and logo. Small but mighty updates.