Ah, the SuperBowl! One of the few times everyone is actually talking about advertisements instead of trying to ignore them. How did this year’s batch of commercials hold up to the scrutiny?

The popular vote goes to the NFL ad featuring Eli Manning, Odell Beckham Jr and their New York Giants team mates. Lots of laughs from that ad which charmed the ladies and at least got the attention of the guys, even if it made them a tad uncomfortable watching Eli try to dance!

Doritos and Mountain Dew teamed up for a fun celebrity-focused set of commercials. These were really well done and fun to watch. They also seem to be getting good name recognition, along with the buzz, which is great! You definitely want people to remember the brand name!

Another celebrity-filled spot was the popular Amazon Alexa commercial. Alexa voice substitutes step in with hilarious results!

But even with those buzz-worthy commercials, the campaign that really stood out was the group of spots Tide put out – Tide Ad.

Tide set the stage with the first ad in which they spoof other types of ads, then sneak in and let us know it’s actually a Tide Ad because the clothes in the ad are clean. And they tease us by suggesting maybe all SuperBowl ads are Tide Ads. Brilliant! By bringing the viewers into the joke, inviting us to challenge the other ads, they’re increasing the time we’re thinking about Tide. They’re building awareness and name recognition without even running another ad. But then they live up to the challenge and run more ads which poke fun at other ads, even ads within their parent companies stable of brands. Yes, they bring back the popular Old Spice guy, but then turn it into a Tide Ad.

So now the true test will be how they build on that momentum. Will they continue to run these ads? Will they work outside the SuperBowl arena? Will the jokes still work now that we know which ads are truly Tide Ads? Or maybe they can continue this tongue-in-cheek tone and that will be enough. We shall see.

In the meantime, what can the rest of us, those who don’t have huge budgets, learn from the Tide Ads?

  • Always look for ways to get the audience thinking about your name, your brand.
  • Embrace humor if it fits your brand. Just remember humor is a lot harder than it looks. Big-name writers and actors were key elements to the success of the Tide Ads sense of humor.
  • Repetition is your friend. Tide was one of the few brands to buy several spots during the SuperBowl. Sure their campaign was very memorable, but even if it wasn’t quite so clever, just having several spots shown in a relatively short time span really helped viewers remember them

What ads grabbed your attention and made you feel something? What ads are you remembering the farther we’re removed from the SuperBowl? Let us know!