Tame Your Marketing & Advertising Projects

Are you frustrated trying to keep up with all of your marketing projects? Heck just tracking the individual items in a massive multi-channel advertising campaign is tough. Need to show your management team the huge amounts of work you crank out? And then out of... read more

WTH is Kerning? (and other designer jargon explained)

After so many decades in this business, we often forget that other people may not know some of the daily terms important to advertising, marketing, and design. As mindful as we are about cutting the designer jargon during meetings, emails, and calls, the occasional... read more

5 Graphic Design Tips to Make Your Marketing Pop!

Hiring a designer not in the budget? Here are a few graphic design tips to help those marketing and advertising pieces get noticed! With the influx of apps such as Canva, Adobe Spark and PicMonkey that quickly create text on images for social media, it’s easier... read more

Sowing Seeds: Do You Know Your Sales Cycle?

We can get so wrapped up in our marketing and advertising campaigns, it’s easy to lose sight of the larger picture and how this campaign, this design, fits into the sales process. So we gotta remember how this ad, logo, social media post, brochure, whatever it... read more

Just What Is a Style Guide Anyway?

In a sister post to this one, we discussed many of the benefits of a style guide: brand loyalty, cost savings, employee retention to name a few. In this post, let’s look at what goes in to a great style guide, using examples from national organizations as... read more

How a Style Guide Can Boost Your Brand and Save You Money

Can one little document really have such an impact? A well-crafted style guide can absolutely boost your brand, save you money and so much more. Just what is a style guide? Simply put, it is a glossary of your brand’s core elements and how they are to be used.... read more

Create Some Great Marketing Ideas!

You’ve just been asked to put together some marketing ideas by the end of the day to increase product sales. It’s Tuesday. After a big lunch. It’s raining. And that blank document on your screen feels like it’s sucking you in to the depths of... read more

The Hidden Branding of Notification Letters

We often think about credit union branding as the sexy and exciting part of marketing and advertising: logos, corporate culture, retail environments, colors, advertising design and so on. Have you thought about the impact your credit union’s notification letters... read more

Is it OK to use that image off the internet?

So you have a new product or service offering and you’re anxious to get marketing materials out to your potential customers. Other businesses across the country might be selling it so there are quite a few photos popping up when you do an internet... read more

Marketing United 2016 Takeaways

I’m a true believer in continuous learning, both on a personal and professional level. Shelling out for a conference fee is a big decision though, so I wanted to make sure the time and money would be well worth it. After the high I felt from last year’s Marketing... read more

Is Marketing to Millennials the Right Approach for You?

Millennials, Sha-mennials Lately, I’ve been hearing lots of talk about Millennials from some of our clients. And I’m also seeing more and more articles on the subject being shared, tweeted and liked within my networks. And while I think research is key to... read more

Using imagery to stand out in advertising

Go beyond the happy family (and I don’t mean chinese take out). Ah the happy family. It’s a red-blooded American aspiration to be part of a happy family, which makes the image such a powerful one for advertisers. “You can be this happy if you only... read more

How to engage employees and boost your brand

Some days it just seems impossible to engage your employees – I don’t know, maybe Mondays for instance? But what if you could get them more engaged AND boost your company’s brand at the same time? Yes, it can be done. There are all sorts of surveys... read more

5 Branding Lessons from SEC Football Coaches

One of the first items to explore in my new client relationships is the business’ brand. It’s important to study both what the institution touts as their brand and what the average customer or member sees as the brand. You can imagine – those two... read more

Increase your reach across multimedia

I admit it, I’m one of the many consumers who use more than one screen at a time, a true user of multimedia. Heck, I might have three or four devices going, especially while I’m watching sports! Take a look around your own family room this evening and you... read more

Why your small business needs a dynamic website

It’s tough for small businesses. You’ve got tight budgets, a million things to do and no time to do them, so I understand how some marketing efforts could get overlooked. But these days having a dynamic website should be the key element in every small... read more