Advertising Design

Advertising takes many forms, from tiny postage stamp online ads to 30-foot billboards and beyond. Your message has to be clear, concise and consistent across all of those different forms. Doing so will help your brand become the preferred solution for your target audience. Here at JB Communications Group, we take the time to understand your story, your target audience and your industry. Then we create a message and design which can be read and remembered whether it is on a website, a branch poster or a magazine.

Finding it tough to manage all of the many sizes and formats your ad needs to be? We tackle huge campaigns like a pro linebacker seeking out a rookie quarterback. Say for instance, a campaign with five core messages which each were placed in more than 20 locations, for something like 100 individual ads? Our management tools will help you track each piece, its edits and approvals, making your goals even easier to reach.

Take a look below at some of our work.

Credit Union of Georgia Spring Break Car Sale

The Challenge The Credit Union of Georgia, with assets over $274 million, wanted to increase their auto loan volume in April of 2017. They set in motion planning a weekend car sale with special auto loan rates that would last throughout the month. As the plans came...

AACFCU Monthly Promotions Design

The Challenge Army Aviation Center Federal Credit Union, with assets over $1.2 billion, was looking for a way to differentiate themselves from the crowded financial services sector. They had been using stock photos of happy people in their advertising, which most...

Redstone Brokerage Services TV Commercial

The Challenge Redstone Brokerage Services is part of Redstone Federal Credit Union, one of the top 30 credit unions in the country, yet many of their 375,000+ members do not know the brokerage team is available to them. As more than 80% of the local population is a...